The Fields Sculpture Park


About The Fields & the Charles B. Benenson Visitors Center Gallery

Image: Richard Nonas, Smoke, 2009

Omi is situated in the beautiful Hudson Valley in Ghent, New York. Comprised of over sixty acres of rolling farmland, wetlands and wooded areas, The Fields Sculpture Park presents the works of internationally recognized contemporary and modern artists, offering the unique possibility to experience a wide range of large-scale works in a singular outdoor environment. Founded in 1998, The Fields offer nearly eighty works of art on view – with several pieces added or exchanged every year.

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Image: Nathan Carter, WILLIAMSBURG BROOKLYN PUBLIC HOUSING PROJECT CONCEALED SWINDON CALL AND RESPONSE (Courtesy the artist and Casey Kaplan, New York), Summer 2013

The Charles B. Benenson Visitors Center and Gallery
is an important public venue for information regarding The Fields Sculpture Park, while accommodating concerts, lectures, readings and dance recitals developed during the Omi residency programs. It includes a spacious 1500 square foot gallery for paintings, sculpture and video exhibitions, and is home to the adult and children's art education programs.

There is also a Café with a spacious outdoor terrace and free Wi-Fi service. The building and its parking areas are located in harmony with the gently rolling fields of the larger grounds.

Current Exhibitions

Tony Tasset

André Kruysen

Angela Bulloch

Matt Wedel

Gosia Wlodarczak

Joan Banach

Tom Burr

Jason Middlebrook + Kianja
Strobert, Fat Bike Project

Dove Bradshaw,
Indeterminacy IV

Rob Fischer,
Omi Pond House

Folkert de Jong

Freya Powell,
Active Turn: Home

Andreas Savva,
Oval Frontiers

Charley Friedman


Iran do Espírito Santo


Donald Baechler


Diann Bauer,
Icarus Meets Apollo

Jackie Ferrara,
Ribbed Dome

Catherine Lee, Constants

Celeste Roberge,
Chaise Gabion

Alison Saar,
Summer and Winter

Paula Hayes, Trees for ETs

Alice Aycock: A Simple Network of
Underground Wells and Tunnels

Lauren Ewing, Relic II (Decoy)

Bryan Hunt, Cloak of Lorenzo

Margaret Evangeline,
Gunshot Landscape

Thomas Matsuda, Purification

Dewitt Godfrey, Picker Sculpture

Oliver Kruse, Clench

Dan Devine, Sheep Farm

Mary Ann Unger

Willard Boepple, John Deere

Tarik Currimbhoy, Ellipse

Stanley Boxer

Antoni Milkowski, Steppe and

Robert Grosvenor, Untitled


Dennis Oppenheim, Marriage

John Cross, Columns

Tony Cragg,Untitled

Dina Recanati, Trees

Forrest Myers, Valledor

Beverly Pepper, Paraclete

Isaac Witkin, In the Beginning
and Chickasaw

Nancy Dwyer, Iron(y)

Past Exhibitions

Lois Dodd, Windows

Nicole Cherubini,
there is a road

Remy Jungerman

John Monti,
Flower Cluster Grande

Susanne Kühn


Anne Lindberg, fold and unfold

Pamela Fraser,
Omi (Grid), Omi (Steps) and
Omi (Zig-Zag)

Alain Kirili + James Siena,
Linear Elements


Robert Montgomery, Sentinels

Alexandre Arrechea, Helmsley

2015 Summer Exhibition,
The Crayon Miscellany

Elizabeth Murray

Rob Fischer, Spiral Side

Dimitri Hadzi, Thermopylae

Joan Linder, Drawn Home

Afruz Amighi, Far From God

Stephen Westfall, Oracle
in the Gallery

Jane Dickson, OUT OF HERE

Paintings 1999-2013 in the Gallery

Allan McCollum, Perfect Vehicles
from the 2013 Summer Exhibition

Jim Torok, Drawings

Thomas Lail,
Notes for the Future

Guy Goldstein,
Time Signatures

Nathan Carter, from Summer
2013 Exhibition

Lewis deSoto, Imperial America

Heather + Ivan Morison


Ken Landauer, King


Michael Somoroff, Illumination I


2008 Summer Exhibition

Stephen Rolf Kroeger, Toaster


Jean Shin, Stepping Stones


Foon Sham, Vessels
on the Field

Mia Westerlund Roosen,

Lauren Ewing, The Shape
of Touch

Tom Gottsleben

Roy Staab, Omi Triangle and
Green Galleon

James Croak, Dirt Man


Grace Knowlton, Beached

Nina Levy, Ball and Chain

Lillian Ball, Mirage


Carl Andre, Cascade

John Ruppert, Hay Stacks
(Homage to Monet)

Group Exhibition 2007, Bivouac

Hyungsub Shin, Electree 


2007 Summer Exhibition


2006 Summer Exhibition


2005 Summer Exhibition

2004 Summer Exhibition

2003 Summer Exhibition

2002 Summer Exhibition

Charles Ginnever

Stephanie Nagorka, Window Slit

2001 Summer Exhibition

2001 Group Exhibition: Modules

2000 Summer Exhibition:
André Emmerich Collection


Program Board Committee

John Cross
Margaret Evangeline
Peter Franck
Carol Frederick
Sandra Gering
Nancy Kohler
Sarah Anderson Lock
Dominique Nahas
Annina Nosei
Anders Schroeder
Sandi Slone
Kathleen Triem
Lilly Wei
Rachel Weingeist

Bill Maynes, Program Director

The Fields Sculpture Park Director, Bill Maynes, is also the owner of BMI–producing and directing documentaries of artists, writers, and art historians. His recent clients include: The New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture, New York; The Erie Art Museum, Pennsylvania; Royal Pavilion and Museums, Brighton, United Kingdom; Alexandre Gallery, New York; Loretta Howard Gallery, New York; Rijksmuseum Twenthe, The Netherlands; the BBC; and Rubicon Gallery, Dublin.

From 1993 to 2004, he owned and directed three separate art galleries: two in New York City, and early on, one in Hudson, New York. Bill Maynes Gallery, Inc., which opened in the Chelsea district of Manhattan in 1996, represented twenty contemporary artists working in painting, sculpture, photography and new media; whose careers were in their early stages of development. His exhibitions were regularly reviewed in The New York Times, ARTnews, Art in America, and Artforum.

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