Tarik Currimbhoy


Ellipse, 2007
Hand-carved white marble

On View: 2008 - Present

This work of "art as architecture" is a true example of traditional architecture techniques, which is devoid of any "connecting hardware" and is held together by an elliptical collar - or keystone - that locks the structure safely into place, held up by its own weight. This white marble was hand-carved and installed in 2008.


Tarrik Currimbhoy received his Master of Architecture and BFA from Pratt Institute, and his Master of Arts from Cornell University. He has taught at both universities, and he founded Currimbhoy & Co. in 1983: a NY based design firm where projects range from interiors to buildings. In 1998 he established another U.S. based company, Sana Stone, which creates modern design using ancient hand-crafting techniques. He has been exhibiting and creating commissioned works throughout the world ranging from public institutions to private residences since 1980. His companies are widely-known and have been extensively published. He lives and works in NYC.




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Ellipse, 2007



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