Stefanie Nagorka

Window Slit

Window Slit, 2000
Glass blocks

On View: June 2001 - April 2016

Early in her career, artist Stefanie Nagorka worked primarily with beeswax: molding the medium into hexagonal shapes and trapping materials such as dead bugs and other debris inside her designs. Nagorka's most recent project however involves visiting Home Depot stores around the country and arranging their cinderblocks into similar impromptu geometric designs in the center of the aisles. Window Slit is a composition of glass blocks arranged in a pathway, leading 15 feet from the grass to the edge of the marsh - it captures a sense of fine balance by stacking the uniform blocks with the subtle changes in the intervals between each susequent row. Though composed of humble and heavy materials, her sculptures protray a sense of delicacy and openness and their handcrafted and ephemeral nature forms the essence of her work.


Stefanie Nagorka received a 2007 Fellowship from the NJ State Council on the Arts. Her work is in such public collections as the Brooklyn Museum, The Fogg Art Gallery at Yale, Art Omi, NJ State Museum at Trenton, Jersey City Museum and The Arkansas Contemporary Arts Center at Little Rock. Stefanie Nagorka has had 11 solo shows in NYC and NJ. Her work appears often in group shows in and out of NYC, and is widely covered in the press, with articles, interviews and reviews in The New York Times, The Washington Post, More Magazine, New York Magazine,, The Village Voice, Art News, and NPR's All Things Considered.


This work by Stefanie Nagorka was part of the Modules exhibition in 2001.


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Window Slit

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