Heather + Ivan Morison

The Opposite of All Those Things + Kind, Wise, and Loving

The Opposite of All Those Things, 2008
Ripstop fabric and carbon fiber
8'7" x 11' x 14'6"


Kind, Wise, and Loving, 2008
Mylar and carbon fiber
7'7" x 6'6" x 11'


On View: June 2009 - February 2010


Heather and Ivan Morison actively engage in the art-making experience through materials, histories, sites and processes. Together, they have created a wide-range of art works and interventions including sculpture, photography, architecture and text-based works. Their practice has developed and taken them to England and throughout the world to Siberia, Tasmania, Mongolia, China, the United States and Canada.


"A visit to Quartsize served as a starting point for the two large kite sculptures, Kind, Wise and Loving (2008) and The Opposite of All Those Things (2008). The artists traveled to the desert in search of mineral samples of uncanny natural geometry, finding forms that looked like they had been machined to perfection. These rocks informed the geometric structure of the artists' sculptures, which were produced in collaboration with a company specializing in the manufacture of three-dimensional fabric structures and kites. While the sculptures retain the essence of the form of the rocks, they are physically opposite: large, lightweight structures, produced from man-made materials and designed to fly (The Opposite of All Those Things was flown on the beach at Blackpool prior to its first exhibition at the town's Grundy Art Gallery). In flight the kites become ominous, heavy-looking rocks, meteorites held floating in the sky moments before impact. " - Ben Tufnell, Mythologies, exh. cat. Haunch of Venison, 2009, p. 134


"In [these] works we encounter elements that appear as if they were autonomous life-forms: manmade constructions which regardless of their artificiality seem as if they have entered the world by their own force, and have simply been observed or picked from nature and placed in the gallery. " - Rikke Hansen, Mythologies, Art Monthly, May 2009.



Heather Peak was born in Desborough, UK in 1973, and Ivan Morison was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1974. They currently live and work in Brighton and North Wales. They have held solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally in institutions like the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, the Situations for Bjorvika in Oslo, the Whitechapel Gallery in London, Contemporary Art Spaces Tasmania in Australia, and the Clint Roenisch Gallery in Toronto, Wolverhampton Art Gallery in Wolverhampton, Artspeak in Vancouver, and many more.




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The Opposite of All Those Things, 2008 and Kind, Wise, and Loving, 2008.


Kind, Wise, and Loving, 2008


The Opposite of All Those Things, 2008


Kind, Wise, and Loving, (detail) 


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